Serengeti Central Camps and Lodges

Serengeti Central Safari Camps and Lodges

Best Places To Stay In Serengeti Central – Seronera Camps

Discover the best Central Serengeti Camps and Lodges that are suitable for a wildebeest migration safari or any other safari holiday. The Central Serengeti is a perfect safari destination known for its amazing big cat sightings such as lions, leopards, and cheetahs. The most fascinating sighting in central Serengeti is the great wildebeests that converge here immediately from the calving season in Ndutu. 

The variety of camps and lodges in the Central Serengeti varies massively. From Migration Camps to Permanent luxury camps and lodges, you are spoilt for choices. The Migration Camps also known as mobile camps, follow the wildebeest migration throughout the year and have two or three ideal locations where they move to.

There are quite several Camps and Lodges in Central Serengeti. All offer authentic and luxury safari experiences to guests who would love to enjoy the wild. The central Serengeti Camps and Lodges are situated in very strategic locations that will give you a good glimpse, taste, and even experience the wildebeest migration at close range.

Serengeti Central Camps and Lodges
Serengeti Central Camps and Lodges

Serengeti Central Camps and Lodges


Activities at Lemala Ewanjan Tented Camp

Activities at Serengeti Escarpment Camp

Activities at Siringit Serengeti Camp

Activities at Lahia Tented Lodge

Activities at Ole Serai Luxury Camp

Activities at Four Seasons Lodge Serengeti

Activities at Dunia Camp

Activities at Naona Moru Camp

Activities at Serengeti Safari Camp

Activities at Serengeti Roving Bushtops

Activities at Sanctuary Kichakani

Activities at Nimali Central Serengeti Camp

Activities at Mbuzi Mawe Tented Camp

Activities at Serengeti Kubu Kubu Tented Camp

Activities at Serengeti Central Acacia Camp

Activities at Nyikani Camp Serengeti

Activities at Soroi Serengeti Lodge

Activities at Serengeti Kati Kati Camp

Activities at Melia Serengeti Lodge

Activities at One Nature Nyaruswiga Luxury Camp

Activities at Elewana Pioneer Camp

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